Thursday, June 28, 2012

Love Bug

I think I've been a bit Facebook happy lately.  So I'm going to jot this down here...where I'll actually be able to look back.

Carter had another night-waking last night, that was pretty strange.  He woke up out of sorts, no surprise.  Maybe a dream or a night-terror.  Not sure.

But when he calmed down, he wanted to lay on the floor with his blanket and made me do the same.  He snuggled right up next to me.  He kissed my nose and was stroking my face.  Sweetest ever.  Then, he got up and said he was going to sleep in Mommy's Bed.

Thank goodness!  I was pooped!

When we got to my bed (John was out of town) he snuggled up and said
"How ya doing Mommy?"
"I'm doing great, Carter.  Thank you.  I'm just tired.  Let's go to sleep.  How are you doing?"
"Nothing." (This makes me laugh.) "I love you mommy."
"I love you too, buddy."
"Mommy so so nice to Carter."
"Well, I love you so much!"
Then gave me kisses on my cheek and big hugs!!  Our cuddle moments are slim and quick over here.  I have to usually steal the kisses and hugs as often as I can.

After a few minutes he asked to go back to his crib.  The end.

There is no better way to have your sleep interrupted.

God, I love that boy and am thankful for him in every way!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Dada, Baba & Papa.

Happy Father's Day to the 3 amazing fathers in our lives!

Dear John, 
Thank you for being more than I could have hoped for in a friend, husband and father.  You are Carter's hero!  I love seeing the two of you play.  It truly is the highlight of my week, every week!  Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to you!  Thank you for being such a positive role model as a father and husband to  your children and grandchildren.  We are all blessed to have you in our lives!  I couldn't have lucked out any more in the "in-law"department.  Carter thinks the world of you, I can't wait to see all the memories he makes with his Baba.

Happy Father's Day Dad!!  We are blessed beyond measure because we have you in our lives.  Carter sees the good in you and KNOWS you can walk on water and do no wrong.  "Papa is so so nice to Car-ker."  Your kindness, love and golf game has made huge impact on this little man.  You have been the best father to me and Papa to Carter.  I love you more than you could know! 

We love you guys!!  Happy Father's Day!
Love, Sarah and Carter

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The China in him.

Going #1.

Now you don't ever have to wonder how people in China use a Western Potty again.

In Western restaurants in China, there would be signs saying:
"No STANDING on the toilet!"
Yet, there'd always be muddy footprints on the seat.

He's had some really random potty moves lately. 
-Knees on the seat. A pseudo man-stand, if you will. (Great b/c pants and shoes stay on.)
-Backwards. (Hilarious on the little potty)
-One knee down and one foot on.  Like he was too lazy to turn and sit.  (Quick, time- efficient.)

OH and I have to share...

We were invited to dinner with our neighbors also named Johnny and Sarah.  They are expecting their first child.  None yet.

We brought Carter.

We were eating in their dining room, like civilized human beings.
Carter farted, on purpose, and laughed for like five minutes during dinner.
(I'm going to go ahead and blame this on China too.)

Thursday, June 7, 2012

30 @ 30

Those words are hard for me to say (not as hard to type though).

I turned 30 last weekend and I was dreading it.  I usually don't really care about birthday's.  I don't need gifts or a celebration. An acknowledgement is nice maybe dinner, but I don't require much.  And I'm happy with that!

About 3 weeks prior to this birthday something hit me.  It wasn't good.  And I wasn't pleasant about it either. I was super sensitive, crying for silly things like John saying "Woah, pulled a little close to the curb there, eh?"  Tears. Really?

I think it just sounds old.  I don't feel old.  

I don't feel like I've accomplished all I wanted to accomplish by this age.  (This, is according to my Life Map created in High School.)

Well, John couldn't have made me feel more special on this day.  I'll never forget all the thought he put into a day for me.  It was the sweetest ever.  

On June 1st, I gave myself the 182 injection in my stomach, put on knee high compression an old lady would to prevent DVT and/or varicose veins.  Then, I went to bed grumpy and crying a little bit.  (This really is pathetic.)

On June 2nd, John woke me up and brought me down stairs to start the day!  Beautiful sunflowers, warm cinnamon rolls and a note saying to be ready in :45 min because transportation would be here to take me to the spa!

I had a fabulous Prenatal massage and a spa pedicure!

Next, John and Carter were there to pick me up and bring me to my "Playground Hat-de-ah."  If you don't know what that is, I feel sorry for you.  Kidding.  Hat-de-ah is "party" in Carter Language.  It derives from the root word Happy (birthday, like the song) in the English Language.  We headed to Prince's Island for a big picnic.  

John thought of every detail.  Even straws for Carter and my missing sunglasses!  He picked up awesome food from one of our favorite restaurants Willies!  So so good.

Carter was ready for a party and ran to the playground.  He didn't eat a bite. He thought all these other families were here for the party too!  LIVING IT UP!  Much like his parents, he loves a good party.

Climbing...not eating.

Okay, the necklace (or medal) is just too funny.

It's my hair band.

He loves it.  Wore it yesterday too.  Ha!

Next, we came home for nap time.  Which is always a gift, especially on weekends, when I get to enjoy it with my BFF!  John and I started to put the nursery together!  So exciting after a scare I had the week before.  (I thought we'd be bringing home a premie, so we went straight to work. Clothes are washed, crib is up, car seat is rediscovered.)

I was pleasantly surprised with my fabulous happy birthday celebration!  But there was more!

He had dug through my phone to set up a babysitter.  So to fancy-schmancy dinner we went!  5 courses later, we were pooped.  

Yes, I wore the same outfit all day.  Not many grownup outfits that fit right now.

Then he gave me a if I didn't get enough already!!  The gift was more than I would ever, ever expect.  It is to replace a very special piece of jewelry was taken from our home in Nanjing.  Losing this was devastating.  And one more reason to hate Nanjing.  Replacing it isn't the same, but even in the amount of time it's been missing, our lives together mean something totally new.  Marriage is cool that way. P.S. The thief left my Aggie Ring which was laying next to it...what does that say?

Okay, okay, enough already John, right??  

The best part of the day was the card that came with the gift.  Sweetest words written ever.  One of the things he wrote about was our life of adventure together and the blessings we've shared together.  They are more than he (we both, really) could have imagined.  His words made me think about my Life Map I created back in High School.  My map was a great idea; by 30, fab career as a reporter/anchor, 2 kids...waiting on a third, teaching workout classes in my spare time (ha!) and loving marriage.  BUT, little did I know that God would actually lead me on such a different Life Map.  An even more creative, loving, and fun life map than I could have imagined!  

I've loved every bit of my 30 years!  And can't wait to see what the next 30 bring!!

John and I are BIG goal people.  We actually have a planned (like scheduled in the day-planner) Goal Night at least once a year.  A little tradition we started this night in Paris:

(Not the same night but equally as cool.)

I'm creating a list of 30 things I'd like to accomplish this year.  Some people do this at 29 years old...but I didn't feel the need then.  Apparently, I'm taking this whole 30 thing too seriously, but I really feel like I need to put more in writing.  If I feel confident enough, I'll post my list.  If not, they will just go on my bathroom mirror, where our goals go and I'll update them on here as I feel like it!

Let's kick off my 30 @ 30!
I feel this is the appropriate photo to symbolize the whole list:

Me, 30@30.  30 years old at 30 weeks pregnant.
(Taken in the Spa bathroom, alone with the phone.  Klassy, with a capital K.)

Number 1....drum roll......

1. Kiss Corbin's sweet face, and smell his sweet hair, on or around August 11.

Don't you want to kiss those little lips?

Eyes opening.  Sleepy boy.
Love you!!!!!!!

Okay, still overly emotional...I cry every time I look at these pictures and think those thoughts.