Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Boy....Oh Boy

Days in the McCoy household/hotel room have been so different lately! Carter is keeping us surprised and laughing! He has lots of work to do exploring all or the things he has been starring at for months!

Of course, he is very curious about his sister, Lucy.

This is the first thing he does when he is up from naps. Goes to see what she is up to! She has usually been napping too. (She never passes up an opportunity to nap.)

One day he made a pit stop, pulled the waste basket down and had at it. Thankfully it was almost empty.

Another day, while I was cleaning up his changing table, Carter wandered over to our new plant.

Boy. What can I say? Boy.

He chased a balloon into our "storage corner." (where we hide toys and weights behind the couch)

He found my pump hiding. "I've been wondering about this thing...."

Decided to clean out the diaper bag. Thank you!

(A bit dark) But he pushed opened the closet door and pulled out Daddy's underwear.

He is such a hard worker!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Story Time

One of our twin nephews, Hudson, is an avid reader. Yes, he is only about to be 11 months, but he honestly likes to sit, listen and follow along! What a great Pre-Reader!!!

I'm told there have been a few books lately that he knows oh, so well. The funniest thing is that some pages have words or character reactions that he doesn't seem to like.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

{Momtog} Knobs, Letters, Dimples and Rolls

Carter loves the knobs on the cabinet.

He has learned that he can even open the door.

When in China...use chopsticks!

Sometimes a super white baby make camera lighting difficult. Notice he is glowing. (tips?)

On the way to Lucy's food...he makes a pit-stop.

Reach up!!

And reach down!

For those photographer friends (Lauren Higgs Harris!) I need some tips!!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

If You Give a Baby Some Food...

If you give a baby some food (yogurt)....

he will love it so much that he will make a huge mess and get it all over his face, the table and everything that he tries to touch.

While thinking about the yummy food he will spy his mommy's snack laying so close to him...

that he will have to try it! He will also like the big, juicy grapes!

The baby will realize that he likes food so much that...

he thinks that he should at least TRY everything!

and I mean everything....

So, if you give a baby some food be careful because they will try to eat everything else!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Crouching Tiger

Sunday night I placed Carter on the floor in the bedroom and I stepped into our bathroom to run his bathwater. Not 30 seconds later, he was right there with me in the bathroom! And that was the beginning of a very exciting week!

Little man is on the go.

Here is a clip of our little Tiger's newest moves!