Friday, April 23, 2010

This is Why People Say...

that I have an active baby.

FYI he was doing this the entire diaper and clothes change so this is the tail end. I had to grab the camera to give you guys a little taste! This is also his signature bath time move, splashing away!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Carter is in the tub!

Bath-time is always a funny event in the life of a baby/parent. First of all, naked babies are just the best! Second, they just LOVE bath-time! Well, bath-time in this house is happening a lot more often. The books say it is only necessary to bathe infants once or twice a week. However, since Carter hit the Big 1-2 (Weeks Old) we have noticed some changes going on...some "manly" changes. Having two brothers, I knew this was inevitable, but I didn't expect it this soon. One change is that he is drooling lots more. He is also sucking on his hands, which spreads not only drool but also spit up to his hands. And for the grand finale, his adorable, yet loud toots are now stinky. That is right, this boy is a stinkn' droolin' machine. So here is our bath time ritual...

I really wish I looked better in this picture. I love that bottom!

Getting clean.

Playing in the bubbles.

All clean! Extra powder daily to keep this one smelling good!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Funny Phrases from China

Today while grocery shopping at SuoGuo, I was on a mission to buy "healthy" snacks. Two of my purchases were too funny not to share.

1st. Dried Apricots. Not too funny right? Well, how about dried apricots described like so...."While closing your eyes, let ice-cream slips with water-mouthing moment. Feeling of silky touch as some cozy jazz." This is what the package said. slips and cozy jazz.

2nd. Almonds. Not just any almonds..."Top Grade Nutlets, enjoy use of the nature to provide precious." Tasty, (drool forming at corners of my mouth).

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Silly Sounds

Last night while getting him ready for bed, we notice how small his A&M jammies are. This used to be a sack for him that covered his entire body. Now it fits more like a tube top as it rides up well above his belly button. So of course, because we document every single little thing, we had to take pictures. So we threw on his matching bloomers and made history. He even performed in front of the camera with some of his Silly Sound techniques!

and another...

He is getting so big.

Big Boy

Big Boy (said in the voice from the cell phone commercial). This is what we call Carter.

He is officially 12 weeks old.

This was Carter at 1 Week Old.

12 Weeks Old is not the same as 3 Months Old. We have 5 more days until that. I'm a bit in denial...this whole growing up thing makes me sad.

He grows and changes every day. Sometimes it is subtle and I don't realize it until I look back through pictures. But some changes are drastic and seem to happen over night.

I love life. And I love savoring each moment and stage along my life. I try to find joy in the little things and appreciation in moments that won't last forever. Well, raising and loving a baby is so fulfilling but I find it almost impossible to stretch each little moment.

I love smooching his super soft skin.
I love his sweet smell of milk and baby powder.
I love the adorable sounds he makes
and knowing the difference between excited, silly, content, tired and hungry tummy.
I love his little crooked toe.
I love his fuzzy hair and bald patches.
I love the red "stork bite" on the back of his head
and how it gets redder when he is upset.
I love how determined he is to sit up and crawl.
I love his chubby legs and how they are getting chubbier.

As Carter grows up these little things will go away and be replace by new lovable features and characteristics. But right now, this is how I'm savoring these moments...and I LOVE it!

Easter Stash

The Easter Bunny paid a little visit to the McCoy household...via the United States Postal Service.

This fun package arrived for little Carter, filled with books, toys and clothes!

Lucy was just like a child while we were opening the package. She was so curious, right in my face, wanting to sniff everything. Then she laid down in the middle of everything and of course, thought it all was for her.

Here is Carter with his stash! He is loving his new books and trying to chew on the buddy rabbit. (I'm sure Lucy will find a way to make this her's soon enough.)

Thank you Grandma and Grandpa!

NOT PICTURED: Girl Scout Thin Mint cookies and Starburst...they were already eaten. Embarrassing, I know.