Wednesday, October 10, 2012

While Mommy's Away...

While Mommy has to spend one-on-one time with Corbin, 
this makes for lots of one-on-one time for Carter and Daddy.

Nightly routines of dinner, bath and bed are split up.  I haven't seen Daddy and Carter during these times in weeks.

Well, Corbin has had a few quick nights so I got a sneak peek at how my Big Boy is doing.    I, of course, assumed that routines had been tweaked, as they should!  But didn't expect "Bath Time" to look like this:

Yes, this is how he's bathed these days.  And yes, he is sitting on his excavator. In the shower.  Door closed.  Just digging away.  John said if you turn football on TV, then open the bathroom door all the way, sit on the potty (lid down) you can see the game at the same time.  I about died laughing!!  It was hysterical!

Their night concludes with a game of catch in his bedroom, jumping off his blue chair several times and playing "Oh No Dada!"  Which is Carter-created game, where John lays down on the floor and he body-slams John.   Really??

Apparently, Mommy doesn't always know best!  I'll leave them to it because it's great man bonding, as barbaric as it may be!  Right? 

Monday, October 8, 2012

8 Weeks!

I can't believe it's been 8 weeks (and :25 minutes) since we first met this guy!  

Wow, so much has changed in our lives!

He weighs about 12 pounds now!
Sleeps about 10-11 hours at night, with a 6-7 hour stretch at the beginning.
He sleeps a ton during the day and when he doesn't he makes us pay in the evening.
We had a 3.5 hour scream fest Saturday night.
The gassiness is almost extinct with Mommy excluding dairy from her diet.
I love his smile!  And he gets so excited and has a big open mouth smile sweet!

It's hard to remember what it was like before Corbin.  We (John and I) are constantly multi-tasking these days, it just seems to be the norm now.  I really feel like we're adjusting nicely to being a family of 4.  

Today, I took Carter grocery shopping (he ate doughnuts, of course) and Corbin stayed home with Daddy.  Carter kept asking where Corbin was and that he missed him.  Sweet boy!

At church on Sunday, John went to pick up Carter from his class.  The teacher asked if Carter has a new sibling.  John told her he has a new brother.  She asked his name and John told her.  Then she pointed at Carter who was carrying a baby doll named "Corrrrvin".  "Ahhhh!"  She said, "Corbin!"  Ha ha.  Lots of adjusting and internalizing going on!  Makes me feel good.  

I just wonder if he tried to feed "Corrrvin."

Okay, here are a few more pics and a video of Corbin cooing (boring to most, I'm sure).

He seriously looks pretend in this picture!

Carter too!!  Look at Corbin's face!  Ha ha ha!!!

Diaper hanging out!

What are you doing Mom?

Friday, October 5, 2012

It's Fall!

Fall...or in Texas we'd say:  Winter is here!

"It's cold."

Yesterday morning we had snow.  But it didn't stick...yet.

See the brown thing in his left hand?  He found a lady's glove.  And used it.  His hands were too cold to climb up the slide.  Thank you, random lady for leaving your glove.

"Ma!  No more pictures of Carter!"

Time to go!!

"No Mom.  Carter just plays hide and seek, first."

"I'm just going play hide and seek first."

(He has to do lots of things first right now.)

Thursday, October 4, 2012

7 Weeks (Dairy Free)

Happy 7 Weeks Corbin!

Whew, you are a growing boy!

At his 6 Week appointment he weighed 11 lbs and 24 inches!

I eliminated dairy from my diet and have seen MAJOR improvements!  He is much less fussy and gassy!  The witching hour has been gone for 3 nights in a row!!  I love this!

He's much happier!

He seems to prefer a 7:00pm bedtime.  He takes a LONG nursing session, with lots of mini feeds.  Then is asleep by 8:00.  

Of course, I expect all of this to change.  Because that is what happens, right?

This week has been so much fun!  I feel like we are really getting life under control. Yes, tasks like dinner are still hard to accomplish at the moment.  But we've been cooking in bulk.  So we are still eating!  Ha!

Both school days this week, when I went to pick up Carter, he asked where Corbin was. :)

One more, one more..

On Tuesday, his classmates were playing with another friend's baby brother in the hallway.  This baby was much older and was interacting.  Carter was watching his friends making a fuss over another baby and said "Everybody come see Corrrrvin."  I thought that was sweet!  He was proud!  

Seems we're all at a happy place with our newest addition!!  Such a great feeling!