Thursday, March 8, 2012

Science Fun

We head to the Science Museum at least once a week.

It is amazing and Carter LOVES every bit of it.

Here is a look at why:

The Air Table.

Discovery in action.

Sweet boy, waits in line forever to play this piano.

Notice the colored bubbles that move with each key?

These trees are so cool!

I would love to do something like this in our home, or maybe a school someday.

This tree changes.  Right now, it is people's handwritten wishes for their future hanging.

There is a one man hole in the middle of the Water Play.  
Carter owns this area.

We do this activity at home!  Outside!

So simple: water, tile, paint brush. 

Filling the bucket up with balls.

Running out of the climbing gym.

Today he got stuck.  So sad.  But a 4 Year Old boy tried to help him out, and said " He'll be okay, because I know karate."   He was right!  Carter was fine.  Ha ha!



So much fun!

Skating Progress

Carter has made a bit of progress skating lately!  

These pictures were from a few weeks ago.  I need to get some new ones!  But remember these when I do post him now.  

To be honest, you won't be impressed, but he actually skated/walked in his skates on his own last week!  But it took the two of us on the camera. this was back a few weeks.

First time bringing the hockey stick on the ice.

This was deliberate.  I guess it's a hockey move.

His first stand alone caught on video!  Of course it's the end of it because that is how we roll.  :(

He's a bit closer to Bambi than a Hockey Player, but he believes otherwise!
And this kind of kills our backs,  but he works so hard and is really focused out there.  Much more patience than I would have had!