Sunday, May 29, 2011

And we're done...

with 2 naps, that is.

It is official this time, I promise. And I promise not to write any more posts on this.

He has been on 1 nap for two weeks. Shortly after I posted the last update and the coffee incident we learned that on days with 2 naps he was up WILDLY until midnight or 1 am. Yes. It was horrible. While midnight used to be no big deal, it is horrible for these days! Ha! Makes me feel old!!

So I think the coffee he discovered while scrounging the trash and the late night weren't related. I think it was that the two naps recharged him for another large chunk of time. I wasn't in a hurry for him to drop the nap, in fact, I was trying to give his body time to do what it needed to do. Well, his body apparently needed to be awake more during the day! I'm pretty sure those wild nights were his body slapping me in the face, saying "Look lady, I can play now or in the day, but you need to lead the way!"

Long story short, he hasn't had 2 naps in 2 weeks! And his night sleeping has gone back to normal! Woo Hoo!!! (It wasn't easy on him, or me, that is for sure.)

Also, the nap is growing!! As I'm typing we are at 2.5 hours!

Days are so fun!! We've been play-dating like crazy all over this city! There is even one play group that is 45 minutes away by metro. Carter metros like a champ eating his breakfast, reading books and talking to everyone on there. I didn't think I could navigate up and down so many stairs with a big huge pram but, where there is a will there is a way!

It is awesome!!!

The end of this topic. I swear.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Another Day at the Park

I guess one great thing about the place we live is the 1 minute walk to a playground. We HAVE to go daily. He loves it. I usually forget to take pictures, but lucky for you, I didn't yesterday. ;)

Man on a mission.

(Notice the cracker in his hand.)

Thinking about what to do next.

I know what you are thinking, young man!!

Yup, back to the water. Of course.

OH the hair. Christy Fischer Speakes, you always told me if I had children with curly hair you would teach me how to do it. Well....I may be needing your help soon.

I can rarely catch this kiddo smiling. He smiles. LOTS.
But I can't ever get them on camera.

(Notice the cracker, still in his hand.)

Appalled!!! Who knows why.
I'm sure it was something his Daddy said. ;)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Fun in the Sun

Hi. I have a bear on my shirt.

Get low, get low, get low.

Channeling Justin Timberlake as he break-dances on the patio.


Lovin it!

After. Look behind him too.

P.S. This is our 100th post. Only took like 3 years. Ha ha.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

If you catch your child.....

eating coffee from the trash can,
there is a good chance he will be awake at midnight
running, squealing and playing.

Preferably with only one green Croc on.

L.O.N.G. night.
Now that it's over, I have to admit, it was hilarious.

I love that boy.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Nap Update

For the sake of remembering for future reference and to hopefully help out some friends who may ask "is this normal?" I'm going to put it in writing:

Carter is STILL taking two naps.

You may remember he was down to one nap before our trip to Thailand.

Well, he didn't sleep a wink on our trip there. So on day one, he was craving two naps. I thought that once he caught up on sleep he would just back down to one. But, so far, nope.

So I guess this is what "the book" means when the transition period is long and they may jump back and forth for a while.

I know there are so many books out there to read on infant-childhood sleep. I've read quite a few. This is the one I still use and trust.

It is a bit challenging to read at first. Then when the first big change in Carter's sleep patterns happened, I freaked, and read the whole book. Now, I reread the chunks that are current to our needs.

When Carter's sleep is different, the first thing John asks is "What does the book say?"

We DEPEND on this book so much, that it usually travels with us. Just in case.

AND we refer to it as The Sleep Bible.

What I like, is that he fully explains, in Doctor talk (so beware), when and how their sleep patterns will change and develop as they grow. So I never have to freak out I did at about 4 Months Old when I was trying to keep him on an infant sleep schedule until he was out the door for college.

MYTH about this book:
Some people seem to think that this doctor recommends you let your child cry-it-out indefinitely.


He recommends many options and suggests that you choose which works for your family. (I'm thinking these people didn't read the book 99 times like me. Ha!) One of which, you run to your child immediately, pick them up, rock them, sing to them, feed them, or play with them. Okay, not really, but I seriously do STILL go straight to him. Judge away! :)

What "Baby-Raising Books" do you live by?
I seriously want to know! I can't read enough of this stuff!!

Monday, May 9, 2011

2nd Mother's Day

I had a FABULOUS Mother's Day!
Thank you so much to my sweet boys.

Mother's Day is a lot like "McCoy Surprise Day." It isn't too different from most weekends but the suspense makes it so much fun!! Here is a run down on the fun:

TONS of roses.
12 dozen to be exact!

  • A 2 hour foot massage and pedicure. Pedicures here are amazing. They seriously scrape all of the thick hard skin off of your feet. Not sand it down...scrape it off. I LOVE it. Smooth as a baby's bottom.
  • Out to dinner! We went to Himalaya's a really cool Indian Restaurant! (We are a bit addicted to Indian at the moment.) You know going out, with a 15 month old, is a big deal! C did great, he just loved all of the brightly colored pillows you sit on! Ha ha. We felt really cool eating out, in town!!
I can't believe we are on our 2nd round of Family Holidays all ready. Of course, you know me, it makes me reflect-ful....

As our little man has been extra clingy to me (as he's been for the past week) he wants hugs all of the time. I just feel so spoiled! I couldn't imagine loving him any more with out exploding. Seriously! I'm obsessed with him!

I was brushing my teeth and he asked for a hug. So as I was holding him in front of the mirror, I was looking at this big, long, boy wearing his big, boy clothes who I was holding in my arms and couldn't help to think back to this exact moment:

I love him even more now than I ever would have known back in this picture.
(And I didn't think it was possible back then!)

Then I also thought of this moment:

and how I had really hoped for a girl.

God really knows how to make plans for you, doesn't he!

These little thoughts gave another little boost to my faith in God's plans. He is the best life-planner, that is for sure. I couldn't imagine my life any other way!

Thank you John and Carter for a wonderful Mother's Day!

I feel so blessed every day.

I love you both so much!

Sunday, May 8, 2011


As our China days come to a close, so do the days for our friends we've met here. Carter's BFF is moving to Beijing on Saturday. They will be missed.

Need to stay hydrated when you work this hard.

A little tic-tac-toe.

Mom, seriously?

Yes! He did it!

Woo Hoo! Part-aay!

Maybe our paths will cross again someday. The hardest part about our adventures is always having to say "good bye."

Thanks for the memories!