Sunday, October 16, 2011

21 Months!

21 Months ago Carter was born!

In the mean time, he has been busy growing, learning, changing, loving and playing.

His biggest physical changes this months....that possibly, may have happened before 20 months are: his running and jumping.  He has gotten much faster and is a full on jumper now!


All of your hard work of practicing jumping and running paid off!!  You can do it!!  Way to go my little buddy!!  

It is football season around here and needless to say, it's in your blood.  Because sports seem to be something you are naturally interested in.  (Along with trucks of any kind...still.)  You play football every day.  It goes like this:  You run down the hall, throw a ball into the air, then fall to the ground and say "uh oh."  And from what it seems, your current understanding of the game is equal to my understanding.  When you see the players fall to the ground, you also say "uh oh" for them.  I'm pretty sure this is Daddy's last season of getting to express his thoughts freely during a game, because you are watching EVERYTHING.

You also got your very first bike!  You have been eying everyone else' bikes on the playground for a long time.  So now, you are at it on your own!  We've seen a big improvement over the past 2 weeks on it!  There are no peddles on this bike, you are just learning to balance and run on it.  So far, you are at a slow walk and the furthest you've been is about 10 feet before you drop it saying "off."  You also seem to have a love/hate relationship with your helmet.  When you see the big kids wearing one, you want to wear your so bad, but for some reason, you wear it for about a minute before throw a little fit.  We haven't quite figured this one out yet!

There has also been something strange going on around here...You've gone from a one poop a day kind of guy to an unknown number a day.  AND the strange thing is it has happened 3 times in the bath tub. You seem pretty traumatized each time, so we do feel bad for you BUT we had to have a talk about it last night.  I had to tell you that if you are going poop we HAVE to get out of the tub and onto the potty or into a diaper.  And that you need to tell Mommy or Daddy you are pooping.  Your sound for this is a grunt.  It's pretty hilarious.  We know you semi-understand the situation because later, while reading Monkey Boy, he is taking a bath and we asked you "Carter, did you take a bath tonight?"  You replied "Yes........(grunt grunt)."  We said, "That is right, you went poo poo in the tub."  In which you replied "No no."  While pointing your finger.  

Your favorite books at the moment seem to be Monkey Boy, Spooky Wheels on the Bus, Touch and Feel Kittens, What Will the Babies Call Me, and an array of Jesus and Santa Clause books.

Finally, here are some pictures we took yesterday on our hour long, one block walk.  No hurry sweet boy!  Thank you for making me take time to enjoy the simple and wonderful joys in our lives every, single, day.


(would have been a great picture if someone wasn't making a strange face!!)

Little boy, you remind us that so much depends on days made of now!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Bike Time


showed up on our doorstep about 2 weeks ago as an early Christmas present.  

Thinking we won't be able to use it at that time of the year.

And this big boy couldn't be prouder.

Our garage doors open up to a back alley and this is where all of the children on our block ride their bikes and play before dinner.

Carter loves getting to be apart of the action.

Thank you Grammy and Papa!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Butterfield Acres

Our final day of the Season Pass membership was last Friday.

So we had to hit it up, one last time!

 After several visits, he's now quite confident.  Can you tell?

I was checking us in...he was off to work!

He decided to first visit the ducks and geese.

Not my first choice...but he's in charge!


Sheep loving!

Yessss, mom?  Can't you see I'm busy!

Funny sight!

Ummm.....where to next?


No no goat!  You can't bite my finger this time!

He loves the little ones!  So cute!

He will bend down low (like mom does with him) and say "Hi!!" right in their face! 

He he he!!!  They are so fun!!

Move it!!  This way!

Really, this was most likely an excited yell!!  
But the pic looks so funny!

I loved this!  


Let's climb it!!!

The highlight.

He "milked" a goat.  

Which translates to, stood on the stool next to the lady milking in awe/shock.

Then helped to feed the milk to the cat.

Chasing rabbits!

They are too fast, so I'll just climb around their pin.

I totally recommend a place like this!  
So fun for the youngins because they get to interact with the animals!