Monday, July 25, 2011

Lots More of the Same...I Hope!!

4 days ago, a day happened that we didn't think twice about. It was July 21st...our Anniversary! The day came and went and we hadn't even noticed the date. HORRIBLE, I know.

But the truth is, we are having so much fun in our new norm that there was no need for a separate occasion of celebration. We feel like we are celebrating daily. Corny, I know. Don't get me wrong...while living in Nanjing, we NEEDED that celebration. Ha ha.

This weekend was fabulous! We successfully shopped for our new winter coats. Because the "winter" coats we have are to be worn the summer. The winter here is apparently a season that we've never experienced before. A Calgarian family we knew while living in Norway, said the Norway winter had nothing on Calgary. EEeeek...this scares me.

We had to buy big, thick, furry parkas. I love mine!! Here is John modeling his.

Mine is a bit more feminine but still big, thick and furry, just the same.

We also, went to church and Carter LOVED his classroom so much, that he seriously ignored us when we went to pick him up. No lie. Literally, looked at us and ran as quickly as he could to another toy. He didn't glance back. Ha ha. His teacher had to go and get him. He was LOVING it!

After church we swung by the Calgary Farmer's Market. We are kind of obsessed with this place. It is so nice, clean and YUMMY!!! I can't get enough of that place!

Finally, our neighborhood was hosting the Sun and Salsa Festival. So after C's nap, we walked that direction! Another fun event in Calgary!! Sun, food, music, kiddie jumpers, and of course, a petting zoo!! :)

Who is that hot daddy!?

Calgary Petting Zoo, round 4.

Gentle, gentle.

This goat and Carter were not getting along. They BOTH wanted that stool. The goat won.

Bouncy house slide.

Loving it!


And watching the Miss. Sun and Salsa pageant or was it the salsa dancers??

Either way, he was mesmerized.

We are having a blast here and loving every bit of family time we get!!! I hope to have 100 more years of just the same!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Dancing at Stampede

Yes, it is sideways. I'm still learning how to use this new technology called "the smart phone" that evolved while we were living overseas.


Thursday, July 21, 2011

We're in Calgary!!

Carter and I arrived almost two weeks ago and we've been non stop ever since!

The past week was full of festivities, as the Calgary Stampede was in town. This is their big rodeo! Like Houston, this place is a cow/oil town too. The whole city gets into Stampede with wild parties at night (which, unfortunately, we didn't partake in), pancake breakfasts in the morning! And of course the actual Rodeo somewhere in the city center!!

These pictures were at a Pancake breakfast one morning. We went to 4 all together. more pancakes!! :)

Carter was loving the animals in the petting zoo! He would get sooo close and squeal with excitement, maybe an occasional finger tip touch followed up by running and hugging my legs...still squealing! Ha ha.

This was at the Fluor (who John work for) Party on the city streets! It was early, of course, but was tons of fun!!!

I also have a cute video that blogger won't let me upload at the moment!! I'll try again later!