Thursday, September 27, 2012

Thursday Confessionals

Okay, so after reading my friend, Courtney's, Wednesday Confessionals, I find myself nodding in agreeance to the majority of things she confesses on her blog.  I thought it was only fair that I fess up and confess a few myself.

1. My "to do list" for the week has 3 items on it:  vacuum the upstairs, pick up the kitchen (not necessarily clean it), and return the dishes from our neighbor who made us dinner 2 weeks ago.  Two have been marked off.  And in case you are wondering or judging me for not doing the third item now, I'm nursing.  (UPDATE:  It took me 2.5 weeks to complete the list.)

2. I find peace being in the car.  Kids strapped in, music on, and house not getting any messier.

3. While grocery shopping hungry, I always come home with tons of junk food.  And I entertain Carter by feeding him Tim Bits, little doughnut holes.  (Tim Horton's=Canada's favorite coffee/doughnuts.)

4. Carter has been eating waaay more chocolate since the arrival of Corbin.  I don't really know my reasoning but it's pretty much daily.  Chocolate and doughnut holes...we need a detox soon.

5. I only wear like 3 outfits a week.  Yet my children wear at least 7 and all clean. Go figure.

4. This is my closet at the moment.  See the white labels on the drawer?  There was method to this madness at one point.

5. This was John and Corbin at the American Consulate.  We were trying to make Corbin an American.  Notice how I'm not in there?  Yeah, it was such a complicated mess.  We went redhead temper on them and left.  We had a babysitter for Carter, sooooo impromptu Lunch Date!!  It was fun!  Looks like Corbin will solely be a Canadian for a while longer.

6. Pedestrians have the right-of-way here.  Yes, they do in the US too.  BUT not like here.  It's serious business here.  It's SO annoying.  They actually have random stoplights on busy streets just for pedestrians.  They light up when the pedestrian pushes the button and all driving traffic comes to a halt. There is no yellow on these either.  So everyone comes to a screeching halt.  I think it is so dangerous.  Also, even if there is no light or cross walk, cars will randomly stop for pedestrians they see waiting on the curb.  It panics me as a driver.

7. As a pedestrian, I hate it when traffic stops for me.  I can wait for a gap in traffic, really, I'm already walking so it's not like I'm in a hurry.

8. The doctor agreed that Corbin's toots stink.

9. It took me 3 weeks to complete this post.  But look, third post this week!  I'm getting better!!  There's hope!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

C2 Overload

Ok, forgive me for this overload of photos.  In our defense, we live nowhere near family.

C is our text code for Carter.
C2 is for Corbin.

BEWARE: You might fall in love with this boy...

C2 chipmunk.

Seriously, they are huge!!

His favorite move.

Milk drunk.

Still milk drunk??  Kidding.


Sunday ritual.  Church then Farmers Market.  
Corbin in his favorite hiding place.
Cracks me up, two totally different infants.

A little spit up never hurt anyone!!

Dancing in his bed.

Face shot!

Boys at church together!

Life of the party!!

Hi Mom!

Ornery grin!!

Love him!!

See the left dimple?

Okay, so see my motivation for waking at nights and sleeping sitting up??  It's so worth it!!  Love this cuddle bug.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Week 5 & 6

Week 5 Photos:

Getting bigger!

Brotherly love.

Tough love.

Hanging out with my big brother.

Hanging out in my big brother's room.

He's so cool.

Week 6:

"Wow!  Look at my brother wearing a hard hat!" ~ Carter

Week 6

Getting chunky!

FACE shot!

We've had major improvements in the gas department!  This has really cut down on the fussiness.  The evenings are still a challenge and 2-man-job with getting Carter ready for bed and cluster feeding/comforting Corbin.  6:30-8:00 is his fussiest time. 

Nights vary. A couple of nights we've had 4-5 hour stretches of sleep!!! Most are still at 2-3 hours.

He's having a few more happy awake times each day now!!  Smiles, chuckles and coos are happening!!
Best ever!  

Corbin is a huge fan of our baby bjorn and loves to be carried in it as much as possible.  Actually, he'd prefer to do all of his daily activities on me.  Eating, looking around, tummy time and sleeping. Mama's boy...and I don't mind.  I try to let him as much as possible, because let's be honest, the second child doesn't get as much of this as the first. :(  (He's sleeping on me now, and I'm typing one-handed.)

I love his warm little body.

And let's be honest here...No one has blogged about how HARD the second round is?! I absolutely love this baby and am truly impressed with how Carter is adjusting, but man, the logistics of the day and physically, life is crazy right now!  It takes us 2 hours to get out of the door, with prepping clothes and food the night before.  AND I actually cried last week at a playground when a random lady asked if I needed her to help get Carter down from the jungle gym while Corbin was rooting on my shoulder.  Yes, I hadn't hit that glorious 4 hour stretch of sleep so I was at a sleep deprived low, but still embarrassing.  When she left she made sure to come back and let me know it will get easier.  Hormonal and sleep deprived are not a good combo.  Ha!!

I'm learning so many tricks though!  Every day is getting easier!!  I keep thinking to periods like this with only one, teething, jet-lag, potty training, getting rid of the pacifier, the tiredness passes and all adjusts even better than before.

P.S.  We're heading to Dallas and Houston next month and would love see you! 

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

First Day of School Photo Shoot FAIL

Carter started University Heights Preschool today.

It's a cooperative preschool meaning parents have to be pretty involved.  So today I had to join him.  No saying "goodbye" at the door or anything.  But he would have been fine.  That begins next week.

Any Who...Those of you who got great pictures of your 2 year old baffle me.  What did you do?  Bribe your child with chocolate?

Hiding from me.

Running toward me.


NO Way Mama!

The front door.  Serious now.

"Caw-Ter a Big Boy!"


Hard at work!

May have to try for more on Day 2.

4 Weeks Old

I'm falling more and more in love with this boy.

He melts my heart!!

4 Weeks has gone, not quite a month though, that is a whole other milestone!
He is sleeping well and nursing well.  At all times of the night!  But he does quickly go back to sleep.

I feel like we're getting into the grove of things over here.  Don't get me wrong, housekeeping and cooking are still pretty low on priority.  During Carter's nap, I usually nurse, nap, shower and then nurse again.  But I know this is a phase and all will be in place sooner or later.

We're totally enjoying our little snuggle bug.  He loves to be held and I love it.


Happy 4 weeks!

Friday, September 7, 2012

A Whole Year

Can you believe it's been a year since this post:  Mark 1:11?

Wow it has been an emotional year!  I can't believe all that has happened.  Crazy that I just felt comfortable talking about being pregnant 14 weeks ago  and now have and (almost) 4 week old, little Corbin to cuddle with.  Sure makes a pregnancy fly by!  Ha!

I'm ALMOST done with my injections!  It's like the song that never ends! Ha!  A few weeks to go.

This was such a lonely time last year.  We had just moved here and were dealing with the loss of our little boy, with no support system.  So I just want to give a little shout out to a few:

1.  God.  We've leaned on you so much this year.  Thank you for always sneaking answers to our questions in our daily lives.  Thank you for reveling the many blessings we have in our lives to us daily.  And thank you for the peace you've given me on the multiple accounts of shocking news we've dealt with this year.

2. John.  I'm so thankful it was you who bought me that first beer (of the night, he he) at NorthGate almost 9 years ago today.  See, you really can meet your husband at a bar! ;)  Thank you for being such an understanding, supportive and loving husband.  Once again, our love and relationship has grown through this struggle.  I love you so much!

3. My Mom.  Thank you mom for always being my BFF to talk with about everything going on in my life.  You are a constant encourager.  Your unconditional love is always comforting.  I love you mom!

4. Friends and Family.  Thank you for your constant prayers!  We love you guys!

Crazy what can happen in a year!

Reflecting, do I feel totally happy and fine with what happened?  No.  Still a lot to think about.  Even a year later.

Do I see the amazing blessings we have in our lives?  TOTALLY!

And this may sound strange, but after delivering Corbin, my doctor told me "See, you were made for this.  You were made to be a Mama."  Still makes me tear up thinking about.  Best words she could have said to me.

I guess, the one thing in my life I've always known, is that I wanted to be a Mom to multiple children.  And I was feeling like maybe I wasn't made to have my own children.  Yes, I had Carter, but that still went through my head a lot.

OH so I guess I should also give a shout to:

5.  Canadian Public Health Care's FINE Doctors, Specialists and Nurses.  What an amazing Health Care System they have here.  They helped us through a lot this year!  THANK YOU!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

End of Soccer (and End of Help)

Well, as of last week, soccer is officially over.  It was awesome.

Carter's enthusiasm from the first practice never died however, it did change.

He did join the ranks of the other Under 3 Year Old's at the playground shortly after practice started.

Those darn Tonka Trucks will get'cha every time!  He'd last about 10 minutes and off with his buddies!  It was a blast and he looked forward to it every week!

Thank YOU Aunt Shae for this awesome soccer uniform!
*Please notice the black on top of his shoes.  Those are not his socks.  They are shin guards from a Build a Bear "Soccer Dinosaur."  He wears them every time he plays soccer now.  Yes, it's ridiculous.

With the End of the Season Soccer Cupcake.
Totally awesome to Carter.

"Cheese"  Only way I can get him to not look sad in pictures.  Not sure if this is any better.  Ha!

Group shot.

Please excuse my's really no biggie here in Canada, but you Texans are all lookin so fine and tan!  And yes, I just finished nursing Corbin.

In other randomness.  Here are some pics from my last day with helpers in the house!

Thanks Grammy for all of your help!  We miss you!

Grammy with Corbin.

Papa made it out too!

VanSickle Grandparents!!

McCoy Family!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

CORBIN (Weeks 1-3)

Week 1 Old

2 Weeks Old

3 Weeks Old

Corbin Man, I don't seem to remember this very short newborn phase with your Big Brother.  AND China had some pretty crazy internet laws so I couldn't blog much.  So I don't have much of a memory to compare but this is about you!

You weigh 9.9 lbs!  You've gained 2 lbs in the past 3 weeks!
You are sleeping a ton.
Crying quite a bit.  Poor guy.
Have the LOUDEST toots/poops ever heard from such a tiny bottom.  (Totally embarrassed me in the nursing room at the mall. All the other mamas laughed and commented.  True story.)
With those loud toots come an upset tummy.  Or the other way around. Which makes you cry at night.
You are sleeping in Mommy and Daddy's bed, snuggled with mommy, which makes it easier to tend to you several times a night.  AND considering you are 3 Weeks Old, I'd have to say, I'm seeing improvements in sleeping.  Or maybe I'm getting used to this??

Your big brother, Carter, is in LOVE with you!  He loves to kiss you and hold you.  However, he does not like it when you cry.  Who does?  It makes him very sad he tells me.  He also tells me that he thinks you are so cute.  AND finally, he tells EVERYONE else, that he has a brother named "Gorman."  He's very proud of you.

I forgot how demanding this time is.  I somehow remember it as just a tiny baby sleeping all the time.  Which is partly true.  BUT know this, we are so beyond excited that you are here!!  We've been waiting for you for a long time.  We are enjoying your sweet new baby smell, tiny, yet changing, features and look forward to learning more about you!

Welcome to our family sweet boy!