Friday, July 27, 2012

Diggers and Dumpers

Carter's latest favorite game has been named Diggers and Dumpers, by himself, after one of his many truck books.

We have a very tiny (compared to Texas) yard, but he doesn't know that.  In the corner of our flowerbed, we intentionally left dirt and a shady tree for the purpose of boy-destruction.  

I cannot tell you how amazing it is.  

First of all, it's cute:

Check out the manly bod!!  This picture just cracks me up for so many reasons.

(Excuse the long and patchy grass.)

(Aww, much better.  Short and patchy.)

Let's see, we've got a "fwont-end loader," "dump tuck," and a "mota-gwader."

This is a long, slow video.  Don't feel like you need to watch it.  Grandparents will enjoy though!  In the video he calls this machine a Backhoe.  We now know that it's called an excavator.  He knows all these random truck names.  It's crazy!

Other reason this game amazing?!

Mommy is REQUIRED to "Sit down Mom!" and "Watch this Mama!"  "See dat??"


Love that so many of his games require this now!

P.S.  If your child like trucks and you allow them to watch video clips.  Go to, they have music videos about construction trucks.  The songs are ridiculous, yet informative.  

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Running Man

These are from May, but I was having a hard time getting our pictures off the camera!  

When John's parents came to town one of the To-Do's was the Calgary Half-Marathon.

John's Dad, also known as Ba these days,  runs several of these a year!  What a stud!!  

This was John's official First!  I think he's hooked!

The runners, bright and early, about to go to the race!

Nana and Carter waiting for Daddy and Ba to run past!
Little did we know, we had missed John, by literally 2 minutes.  

Carter spotted him!
This was seriously a movie moment!  Daddy is always pretty cool to Carter, but this was a defining moment.  He was so PROUD of his Daddy.  I wouldn't have thought twice if he had chilled in his stroller eating Daddy's goodies but he was really looking for his Daddy who ran the Big Race!  


Coolest Man Alive.

The winners!
Both won first place in their categories of AWESOMENESS!!

Love you guys!

Also, this weekend, Nana seriously, landscaped our entire backyard.  No lie.  We've got veggies growing all over the place!  They are just now starting to bloom (is that the right word for a veggie?)  Another post on this soon!!  I know, really hit the jackpot in the in-law department.

Monday, July 23, 2012


I can't believe we are here...

2 injections a day!

These injections are a bit different than the once-a-day, in that they are old-school syringes with a longer needle and the meds come in a vial of 10 doses.  Our previous meds were pre-filled syringes and the needle was much smaller.  So, while the medication isn't easier, its purpose is to be out of my system quicker, if I actually happen to go into labor on my own!

They are still injected into my stomach, it's getting much harder to find a non-bruised area because of doing this twice as much.  Also, it's fat-soluable and my tummy has never been lacking in that area, but it's getting much harder to pinch it, because my skin is so tight.  Needless, to say, these kind of sting.  I was becoming such a pro at the old ones!

Luckily, after Corbin is here, I get to switch back to the once-a-day ones to complete the full year of injections.

While this may seem like a strange or sick post...I'm typing this happily, over-joyed and feeling bittersweet about all of this.  I can't believe this!!  Woo Hoo!!

Corbin is full-term and now, we just play the waiting game!!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Heritage Park

We've had some very busy and active months!  Yet, I couldn't seem to upload any pictures.

So will I ever post them?  Who knows!

Yesterday was a blast though.

We have a season pass to Heritage Park , which is a historic Calgary theme park.  They have all these old original buildings that are set up as old time Calgary.  Sounds cheesy, but it's more historical than like a Disney.  Not sure if this makes sense.  There is a steam engine train, river boat (for the lake), farms, horse and buggies, an old-time fair with rides and games and the people working there are "in character."  
We seem to buy season passes to literally everything we can, I guess because we are so close and really use them.  But I don't really feel like we've taken full advantage of this one.  It was actually on my list of do-not-renew.  Last year, Carter was a little too young to appreciate the rides and the weekend crowds are just too crazy.  But a random Tuesday, with a big 2.5 year old boy!?  Perfect.

We arrived at 9:45, since it's only 8 minutes from our house.

We were the first and only ones on the steam engine train.

(Look at his little hand.  So cute and little.)

We took the train to the large river boat.

Again, we were the only ones on the boat.

So he was hand-picked to be the "special child" ;) to join the captain!
I'm sure it was a tough selection, but I think they chose the right man for the job.  

I was really excited about this and took a million pictures, because it was just too darn cute!

He even got to toot the horn!  (Highlight, for sure!)

After about two minutes, Carter told the captain "Carker go down stays." 
So back down stairs we went.

Then he had free reign over the whole ship.

A toddler knows how to take advantage of "free reign."

Looking at the big water spinny thing.
(It's 4:00 am, I can't sleep, also can't think.)

Then we headed off to the rides!  Carter wasn't tall enough for any of them last year.  
So we gave them a shot!
There is a large ferris wheel, but I would have had to join him all squished into a little seat, with my huge belly.  

The mini-ferris wheel, it was.
I was a little unsure of how he would do, but he seemed quite content!
(At this point there really were lots of people, but this wasn't the coolest ride.  Ha!)

The Grand Lodge of Heritage Park. 
This is for his Ba, an active member all over the state of Texas!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Yellow Monkey

I think Carter may have shared his first dream with us.  Or this is the first time he's been able to share it!!

He told us that "the big yellow monkey slept all night long. His arms were yellow, his tongue was yellow,  his back was yellow.  He was yellow all over.  Yellow monkey said "bo bo bo bo bo bo bo!!" So loud.  Yellow monkey said "bo bo bo" on Carter's back.  Big Yellow monkey is at big monkey's home now."

So funny!  I can't believe how much he can communicate now!