Sunday, November 17, 2013

"GO GO!"

I'm so behind blogging that it makes me sad.  This is a little diary for friends and family to read but more importantly it's for my children.  And I've been slacking at it.  I need to just start right here.  So, in the most commonly used words of Corbin:  "Go go!"

Carter is going to be 4 Years Old in two months.  Say it ain't so.  Four always seemed old to me.  I know that is silly, it's JUST 4.  But seems so old to me.  I can't believe my baby is turning 4.  I may have a melt down.  Just beware.

Corbin has been WALKING and "talking" like crazy.  He's the funniest, sweetest little guy!!

I want to freeze time.  They are such a blast I'm loving every moment with them!

Here are some funny recent tidbits:

1. They both are in love with their blankets.  Like true love.  Carter brings both of this "gee's" (that is STILL what he calls them) down every morning.  And Corbin points and grunts at his, knoding his head up and down, while making direct eye contact, until I grab it from his crib to also bring down stairs.  They both require a bit of cuddle time before totally awake.  Maybe blanket time is like coffee time?

2. Both boys LOVE Carter's school.  Corbin cries every time we leave without a play.  So sad.  I have to wrestle him back into his carseat.  It's the saddest ever.  He just points to the door, with curled lip saying "go go!"

3. Carter has been going to Sport Ball on Thursday mornings.  It is the BEST program ever!!  He was really nervous the first day.   My instincts were to say "Get out there!  Don't be rediculous!"  But I fought them and stayed with him, even joined in with the class a bit.  This was waaay back in Septemeber!  He's been loving it ever since!  They play, run and learn every sport at their level!  These coaches are amazing and are fabulous teachers.  I loved when Carter came home explaining how to throw a football by sending the rocket to the moon....and you have to cover up the windows (laces) so he doesn't get scared.  Golf was, "hit the oranges away with your elephant trunk!"  So cute!

4. Corbin goes to a playgroup while Carter is at Sportball.  It's an hour of centers, snack and then a little circle time.  He LOVES it!  He plays so hard. When they ring a little bell the first time it's snack time.  He finds a chair and climbs in ready for his snack.  So sweet.  The second bell sends him straight to circle time!!  He waddles into the next room and plops onto the floor.  He KNOWS the routine!  Crazy.

5. Carter has a crazy knack for memorization.  Last night he recited the entire Night Before Christmas and book OGOPOGO.  I'm so shocked!?  This might be normal, I'm not sure.  But it was crazy.

6. He's also obsessed with asking how words are spelled and stringing random letters and asking what it spells.  Ha!

7. Corbin has pooped in the bath tub about 8 times.

8. Corbin is still a picky eater BUT eats some super healthy foods.  The list may be short, but it's good.  Veggie shake (not sweet at all), chia seeds and yogurt, almond milk with turmeric in it?!  Crazy child.

9. Corbin loves his animal books and I often find him "reading" them to himself.  "Arf, arf! waddle, waddle (penguin). ROAR! Meow! etc." SO sweet!!

10.  They have had so many more moments of interaction lately!  The other day they were facing each other and both yelling the same noise, bouncing all crazy in the wagon.  Then they'd crack up.  It would get quite then one would start it up again!  Back to the blanket-loving again, in the mornings while I'm making breakfast, they will often both lay on the floor with their blankets looking at each other and start kicking the floor, once they both get going they will crack up!

11. To follow up with 10. They also will bicker a ton.  There are tug-of-war matches combines with yelling/screaming.  I often intervene.  But occasionally don't have it in me and just sit back and see how it unfolds.

12.  We saw a movie last night!  The whole family.  It's so fun to watch Carter watch a movie!!  The excitement is explosive!  Corbin enjoyed the previews with a dog in it and the crackers I brought for him then, really loudly "GO go!!" while pointing.  Off we went!  Walking around the theater.  Back in to the movie room.  "Go go!!" Back out we go.  Back in we "Go go!"  Such leadership skills that boy has. ;)  "GO GO!!"  He is so fun!!!

Okay, hopefully this is a start to get back to blogging!  Feels good to get some of these thoughts in writing!