Thursday, May 31, 2012

Carter's Favorite Runner

There is a new hero in our home.

Even surpassed Michael Phelps...yes, it is true.


John ran his first official Half-Marathon.  I say 'official' because he has actually been running that distance quite often!  

We are so proud of him!  

He even won a medal which Carter wears around the house and to play in.  It is VERY cool!

Here is a little video of him crossing the finish line.  Click "Search Next"under the video.  Then, at about :07 seconds you can see him coming, wearing a white shirt.  We've watch this video a million times each morning this week.

DADA, WE ARE SO PROUD OF YOU!!!  We love you!!!  (Sarah & Carter)

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Family Photos

Mother's Day Weekend,

we headed to Prince Island Park for a little photo opp.

A startup photographer was hosting a mini-session at an incredible price, so we jumped on it.

It isn't too often you can actually get pictures with the parents in them!  So we would have been happy with anything!

Carter had to bring his ball.

Then of course, I got stuck with it.

Cheesy, photo.  I don't do well with this stuff.
There is a baby in there.



Okay, enough with the hands in the mouth.

The wild look in his eyes.

He kept pretending to eat.
Very cool.

This is boring...I'm walking to the playground.

Need More

I just tried to upload more photos onto the blog...but Blogger says I need to purchase more storage.  What does this mean?  Anyone else have to do this?

Monday, May 21, 2012

First Band-Aids

While he's had Butterfly Stitches in Thailand:

Chipped his teeth and busted lips uncountable amount of times,

these are his first Band Aids:

(Right knee.)

Remember he's been bundled in fall, winter and spring clothes until now.  

Shorts will do that to ya!

He was running out of the coffee shop on me.  And BAM, on the concrete, flat in front of the coffee al fresco drinkers.  

Thankfully, he had Band Aids to look forward to all the way home.  He was pretty excited.  But they had to come off immediately when he realized he had to poop.  So they lasted 3 minutes.

But thankfully, he says his "red boo boo is so so cute" and it's "so so nice to Car ker" which is the new way he says his name.  "Caga" is soooo two weeks ago.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Pacifier Free

Well, I feel like we can officially say, "We did it!"

This was a long 2.5 weeks.  Not going to lie.

We have been talking with Carter about how his pacifiers are getting "old and yucky"  and that he "probably doesn't even need them anymore because he's such a big boy."  But we were still hanging on to the last one as long as we had it.  Not just for him either....we were really liking where he was in his sleep habits.  It was just too easy.  AND we had just overcome Night Time Potty Training.  So we were kind of needing a break.  But he bit the final pacifier in half.  So I took that as my cue from him.  He didn't really like it and easily accepted throwing it in the trash.

John was out of town the night he threw it away.  It was rough.  Difficult to sleep and exhausting during a wake up in the middle of the night and tiring as he woke up early.  Then continue that with a no nap.

It was sad.

For two days.

Then he wasn't sad, just tired and needed help falling asleep.

We really just felt bad for him.  So he (we) got extra cuddles and even cuddled in our bed.  But he really prefers his own.  It was quite the process every night though.

Week 2 was much better.  But major tweaking on the sleep schedule.  Still took about 1-2 hours to fall asleep.  There was LOTS of playing in the crib.

There was also lots of this:

(iphone photo, sorry)
I found him like this several times.
Trying or successfully taking off all of his clothes.
(Yes, I blurred his private area.  There are crazy people out there!)

And there was the Strip Naked and Take Everything Out of My Crib.

P.S.  Notice the matt and stool on the right of his crib?  Game Ball.  Ever heard of it?  You haven't??  Where are you FROM?  Okay, Carter made up a game.  There are rules.  I'll post on this later.  It's a funny attempt to stay awake for 5 more minutes.

Back to Pacifier Free..

Week 3:  Last weekend kicked off with John using his "Dad Voice" for the first (of many to come) in his life on Saturday's nap..."CARTER LAY DOWN, CLOSE YOUR EYES, and GO TO SLEEP."

Low and worked!  We remind him when he lays down, "you don't play in your bed, you need to lay down and close your eyes."  And he tells us when he wakes up that he "lay down, close eyes and sleep."  So I'm guessing that explanation.

We seem to be back on track this week.  Of course, the underwear-off thing surprised the babysitter!  Ha ha.  I got a text from her about that!!  I should have warned her!

The next BIG sleep change will be moving to a Big Boy Bed.  I can't wait to get one so we can actually do his room the way we want it!  But he is happy in his hand-me-down Ikea bed and I'm not messing with that!!  :)

Monday, May 7, 2012

Sports Illustrated: Summer Edition

No hot ladies in bikinis here!


Let me start by saying this:  Carter is obsessed with sports.

This isn't anything new.  But it still shocks me daily.

It baffles me, I guess because I don't mind sports, but I'm not one of those people who knows all the rules, positions, proper equipment name etc.

He wants to know ALL of that.  The more detail you tell him the better.  If you don't know it, you better "google it" because he will hound you until he knows what it, or who it is.

While we were enjoying the sun in Texas, Carter was exposed to a lot of golf.

There are golf clubs all over my parents house and a gigantic bag of golf balls on the floor of the pantry.  He must have taken out 5 new ones a day.  I'm sure they are still finding them in their home.

Also, the Masters was on.  And he watched it...with enthusiasm and anticipation?!? It was strange.
Carter likes Tiger Woods and Bubba Watson.

So Papa played golf with him.

Notice, collar shirt, khaki shorts, hat.  
He notices and requires.  I'm not kidding.

Working hard.

Pretty sure he's saying "NO Caga!"


Then back in Calgary:

The weather is still cold off and on so we are still on hockey.

He spotted a Goalie Helmet and had to try it on.
He's a big goalie fan right now.  He knows their mission and often jumps into position while playing street hockey in the alley with the 4 and 5 year old neighbors.  Obsessed.  
He says "No no puck in goal!!!" and "Block puck."

Playing in the aisle of Canadian Tire.

He really wanted this helmet.

His favorite hockey player, Jerome Iginla, is not a goalie though.


Swim Lessons!

A summer must, right?

He's loving them.  They said their mission for the start is to get them comfortable in the water.  I don't think we have a problem with that.  I wish he'd be a little less comfortable.  He honestly doesn't have a doubt in his mind that he can swim.  He can't.  This scares me.  You've got to be ready at all times!  He jumps in with all his might, right down to the bottom and comes up smiling saying "Ni" (more).  

His interest in swimming peaked when we explained that swimming is a sport.  And that people race against each other.  We showed him a YouTube clip of Michael Phelps and he liked it.  So strange!!! 

Dressed and ready to go.

Sea Turtle is his "team" name!

It is a blast!!  I look forward to it just as much as he does!

Of course, the daily hockey game...even on the way out the door to swimming.



This guy is famous in our house:

We have no clue who he is.

We call him "Go Flames Go Guy" but I'm sure he has an other name.
And we have to sing this song to Carter before bed.  Another requirement.

These little one's have a mind of their own!
I love it!  2 Years Old is so much fun!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Carter Reading

"No Caga"  is a common phrase in our home.
(Translation: NO Carter (will do it.))

That is what I heard while trying to read him bedtime stories last night.

Low and behold....he did it!
In two-year-old fashion, of course.

I asked him to read it again today,
and this was it: