Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Swim Lessons-TXPhotoDump

School and swim lessons started in just enough time to be cancelled for "wintery weather."  HA!  I'm dying over here!  Too funny!

What a blast yesterday!  Carter had so much fun at Grammy's School, as he calls it.  My expectations have been set waaaay too high.  It was always my dream growing up that my children would go to her school, so I guess in a way, "my dream has came true." (As Carter would put it.)

Swim Lessons were AWESOME!  I arrived early, anticipating a freak out because the pool isn't a hot tub and is chilly.  So he and I played in there, in that cold water.  I just kept lying saying "this feels awesome!"  and "man this is so much fun!!"  Ha!  The plan worked because freak out happened, he was over it and then class started!  He had a ball!  So many fun games and he was so joyful!  Just as happy as can be trying to be silly for his new friends and kicking those little, white, legs non-stop.

He has in his head that he doesn't know how to swim.  I honestly think the few times he's seen his cousins L&H swim on their own has really impacted him.  He says "I can't swim."  We tell him things like: What do you think you are doing with us on vacation!?  The more we swim the better you'll get on your own!  It takes practice!  We don't live in a swimmy place, we just need to swim more!

But he pretty self-aware in this area.  It's interesting.

So after being AWESOME in this class (with the noodle) they were done with Night 1.  He got out of that pool so proud of himself saying "I think I can swim without the noodle!!!!  I want to try it!! I think I can do it!"  Let me clarify that the class had not gone that far, he was just feeling good.  So to the hot tub we went, because momma was freezing.  He attempted the usual push-off to mom and did great!  But was just like always.  A little sink-age toward the end.  He came up with a quivered lip and tears forming.  "I can't swim."  :(  Poor buddy, it's just the beginning, you'll get there.  I promise.

Without further ado:

He was chasing the blue ball!

He kept going out on his own. Crazy boy!

Supposed to be a pic of how far they were going!  Kick, kick, kick.

Listen closely, the man tells me I can't take pictures.

One more to prove I'm a rebel.

Love you Dad!!!!!

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Texas Photo Log

Well, I'm sure you could tell my intentions for Carter's birthday blogs didn't happen.  They may just pop up while I'm here in Texas!

Blogging is just impossible these days!

Once both boys are down for naps, I can usually change into workout clothes.  Then I hear Carter going potty.  Once that is taken care of, I have to get him back down to sleep.  I do my 25 minute workout! (Thanks T25!)  Then I'm down to 25 minutes and I usually have to do something else or veg for a bit!  I need to be better at blogging.

I'm in Texas for a VERY extended time, to escape the long, dark, stuck-inside winters of Canada.  I'm so excited that Carter starts preschool at my mom's school AND swim lessons tomorrow!  We've only been here a few days but we've been soaking up being outside every chance we can!

I have realized I can't post to FB or Instagram, or even text pictures while out of the country!!  SOooo, I'm going to try and DUMP photos on here as often as possible.  (no editing tools either!)  I'm sure there won't be much typing, but lots of pictures.  Mostly for Daddy!

WE miss him SO much.

And so it begins...
Only in Texas.  No words.

Lots of riding bikes!

Nature walks!

Longest bike ride yet!  All the way to Grammy's school and back!  
I'm hoping for many more while we're here!!!  I want to do this at least one way, each day he has school!

Poor Corbin, he had a pack of gum in his hands.  I had to take it away.  So sad.  I felt bad, before that he was totally loving the fire truck!

Digging at the Children's Museum!

SO fun!

This moving is amazing.  Will blow your mind.  NOT.  Enjoy Daddy!

Bagel shop! Dining al fresco!  Gotta love those Texas winters!

Cream cheese face and Tired Mommy!  No rest for the single parent!  Ha!

Okay, I hope to do this OFTEN and I'll have to get better at taking pictures without editing them!

WE love and miss you Daddy!  Can't wait to see you!!!

Monday, January 13, 2014

4 to 4.

Dear Carter,

You are 4 days away from turning 4 Years Old.  I can't even believe it.  Four seems so big to me.  Then again, every milestone you've hit has made you seem bigger, while every milestone Corbin hits he still seem so little.  I have to remind myself often that you are little.  "Let him be little."

You are an energetic, smart, loving, thoughtful little boy.  You are a toot, no doubt, but above that, the others I listed, of course.  You are in love with trains, and all that goes with trains; building tracks, playing stories with your train characters.  You could spend hours (by hours I mean minutes) building with legos, magna-tiles, reading books, playing dinosaurs, playing games of chase or tag around our house.

I'm fascinated at what your four-year-young mind comes up with.  There is a song on the radio that sings "that girl is so dangerous, that girl is so dangerous.." and you hear every.single.word. that plays.  Of course, you asked why that girl is so dangerous.  Daddy and I replied we weren't sure and asked what you thought.  "I think that girl is so dangerous because she touched the plug (outlet) in the wall."  Right on, little man, that girl is obviously dangerous.  Also, The Big Yellow Monkey from 2, yes t.w.o. years ago (that's half of your life!!) still visits in dreams or fantasy.  Just yesterday you brought him up out of the blue.  While riding in the car you said that "The Big Yellow Monkey is in Heaven because he hasn't been made yet."  I was definitely taken back by that statement for several reasons.  Really THREE specific parts of that sentence.  What a brain!!!  So I asked who will make The Big Yellow Monkey, "God."  DUH!!!

Four little years ago, in Shanghai, I was days beyond my due date.  Grammy had arrived for your birth and we were set to visit the doctor every other day at that point.

When you are not having babies in China, you are shopping.  Since you had not arrived, Grammy and I were shopping!  We had already traveled so far to the tactile markets to have chair covers made, the fabric market for a cashmere coat and of course, the jewelry market for...jewelry.  All of this within a few days.  Poor Mr. Gu, our driver, was no doubt annoyed with having to drop Daddy off way on the other side of Shanghai, then to drive all the way back to pick us up, then all the way back to the markets, and again for drop offs.

I love you to the Moon and Back!
(then you say "I love you to Heaven and back!"  then I say "I love you to Heaven and back and to the moon, then down to Texas over to Shanghai, to the North Pole back to the moon and then to Canada!!")