Saturday, July 24, 2010

Papa's Random Trip to Nanjing

Hey you know how your parents or inlaws just randomly stop by your house?
They walk right in and help themselves, like family should?
You say "Hey, why don't you stay for dinner?"

This pretty much NEVER happens to us.

Except for once.

My Dad was in Singapore and on his way to Beijing.  In a round a bout way, he made it to Nanjing for the weekend!

It was fun!  Spontaneous and we did the most sightseeing that weekend than we did the whole time we lived there.

Long day traveling.

Lounging with Baby Carter.


Now (that he's really 2.5 years old) he says;
"Caga wuv Papa."
Carter loves Papa.

Next Confucius Temple.

Nanjing'ers aren't really used to seeing Westerners like their cousins of Shanghai.

So we were really the sight for the day.

You take picture of me, I take picture of you.

Under the Golden Tree.

Now, my turn!!
Seriously, so random.
But that was life in Nanjing...random.

Confucius say...
Okay, already!!

I hope that sign doesn't say:
Please do not beat this drum.  It is old, really old.  Ancient.  And if you hit it you will be fined 1 Jillion Dollars.  
(Place pinkey to corner of lips.)

I'm thinking the Baby Bjorn makes me stand like a mannequin.

Next Stop....Purple Mountain!

Riding Solo to the top.

We talk about Nanjing like it's a small town...but it's not.

Man it was a foggy day.

That is a joke.  

It was pretty clear.  And that isn't fog, it's pollution.

To the top!

What a view.


Papa with Baby Buddha!

Mama looking hot...seriously, hot.  And sweaty.
With the Baby Buddha!

John riding with screaming baby all the way down.

Thanks for stopping through Dad!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Introducing Solid Foods

Step 1: Carter in his Big-Boy Chair. He is so excited to eat food! It was this moment that we decided to go ahead and start...right then. I was debating that and waiting for another month. But come on!!! He was so excited!!

Step 2: Only seconds before his first banana (he has only had breast milk up to this point)!

Step 3: And it's in!!! Success! How do they know how to do this!

Day 2 on bananas. Switch to the Nuby net thingy. Much easier to hold

On to other yummy foods: Green beans!

Broccoli! Funniest video ever!

We've also had plums and peaches which he loves!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

So Many Changes so Little Time

Time: 6 Months Old

-First international trip! Success!
-First 2 teeth! On the bottom...bites hard!
-Gets up on all fours, meaning hands & knees AND hands & feet! (I have tons of pics and videos but I need to be able to log on for longer than 3 minutes at a time.)
-Moved to his own bedroom! Big boy!
-Slept the full 12 hours...wait for it...wait for it....without NURSING!!!
-Introducing solid foods by the Baby Led Weaning method. (Also referred to as Baby Led Solids) no purees...just old fashioned food. Going well!
--bananas: likes
--broccoli: doesn't like...yet (I have funny video of this too.)

(China has kicked me off once during the typing of this post.)

China Gives a Blog about Blogs!

I'm only allowed to log onto blogs/facebook/youtube for about 3 minutes. I will do the best that I can.

I have TONS to blog about!!!!! I may have to move everything to a Shutterfly blog.

I will keep you posted.