Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Snowy Day

The Snowy Day
Is one of our favorite books at the moment.

And recently, it has been so fun making connections from the book!

The cold and snow didn't even phase Lucy!

Can you see the icicles on her chin?


In case you are wondering, which I'm sure you aren't, we are walking in the alley behind the houses so that we can secretly break the rules and have Lucy off her leash.


The Bow River!

Out of the stroller and time to play!

He was yelling "Up, up, up!" 
(Needs some help with all those clothes.)

But we made him stay down for the picture.  Nice, huh?

He was determined to make a snow ball and throw it.

Okay, there you can see the icicles on Lucy.

Our little Snow Man!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

22 Months!

This month was super busy, came and went before I could even get a post in!!  But I can't miss Carter's Monthly post!

This month the so-called Explosion of Words I've heard so much about HAPPENED and is HAPPENING.  It's crazy.  He is attempting every word possible and his attempts are much closer to the real thing than previously.

New Words:  (What I can think of at the moment.)
Golf Ball
Kick (soccer ball)
Elephant (May be a fluke as of happened a few times yesterday.)
Josh (A character in a book who goes on the potty.  Big deal.  He talks about Josh all the time.)
Lex (His cousin Alexa.)
Back Hoe
Ice Cream (funny story about this one below)

New. Not new?  I can't remember:
Ho ho (Santa)

Improving Words: 
Bye Bye:  Used to be pronounced "Dye Dye."  This was one of your first words.  So sad to see it go.

IF I can get my bloggy-act together, these posts will be added soon:

I Phone Dump Post.  
This particular picture was Carter enjoying his FAVORITE store of all time.  No lie.  Home Depot.  Just to make the store even more amazing...they have these baskets.  But even without, his love for this store is deeply rooted in everything that looks like a truck, tool, movable stairs, scaffolding and the especially the beeping fork lift at work.  Ahhh, we love you Fork Lift!!

A Trip to Texas Post.
We of course, saw these boys!!  

AND these girls!!

Halloween Post.
We did a little of this.

Fed the Ducks Post.
A LOT of this.

First Day of School Post.
And it had to start at some point...right?

Dear Carter,

What a big month we've had!!  You're language is greatly improving and it is so much fun learning what you are thinking about!!  For quite a while now, you've eagerly pointed at Starbucks as we pass the kiosk in the grocery store or mall.  Mommy loves a good cup of coffee but I never understood why YOU wanted Starbucks.  It isn't even a usual stop for us.  Well, the other day you did your usual super-excited-pointing and then said "Ice cream!"  And every time since!!  So for the past several months, you've been thinking "Ice cream" in your head!!  WOW!  Pretty neat!  I do have to admit some of their pictures really do look like Ice Cream...and some take like it!  Smart boy.

We also took another trip to Texas!  It was a fun, quick trip to fit in a little bit of family time and of course, Aggie Tailgating!  You had a ball playing with all of your cousins!  From the way you were acting with Luke and Hudson, I can predict some very mischievous Grammy and Papa visits in the near future.  AND you have got to be the luckiest little boy to have such sweet girl cousins, Alexa and Ella.  They love you so much!  I had so much fun watching you play with those four special kiddos!!

We also had a couple of Firsts in Calgary!  Our first snow!  Which you LOVED.  We have been bundling up and spending time outdoors.  I plan on us doing this until it is unbearable! Because being stuck inside doesn't bring out the best in you or me!! :)  

You also had your FIRST Day of Pre School.  In addition to spending some time at ELP (the best pre school world-wide) you started Brilliant Beginnings here in Calgary.  Right now, you are only old enough for one morning a week and Mommy has to join you.  (Just the way they do it here.)  But you loved it!  You were ready to dive right into Centers because about half way through Circle Time you kept signing "All Done" and running to the tiny door that opens to the play area.   Ha ha!  Who can blame you!!  OH you also, proved to be done with singing by attempting cartwheels in the middle of the group.  While you give it a good attempt it's really you kicking your leg out to the side and you thrust your upper body down to the ground. 

Little man, you are so much fun!  Who knew 2 (almost) could be so fun!?  

WE love you so much!

~Mommy (and Daddy)