Sunday, July 28, 2013

Brother's Being Silly

The boys have had many silly moments together more recently!  I love it!

Here is a snippit of them having fun in Corbin's bed!

BEWARE of private shots.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Big Camera Photo Dump

Man, this time around I rarely get the big camera out and just have long photo shoots like I did with Carter.  I think it's because I'm already toting around so much stuff so the iphone has to do the work.

Occasionally, I remember but then forget to upload them to the computer. Any who...I have a back log. they are:

Summer = golf!

My only two pics of Carter on this camera.  He's not a fan of photo shoots these days.  Ha! (he needs his own post very soon!)

Corbin loves the front window!

in action.

Oops, didn't realize this one would be blurry.  I still think it's cute.

Wild man!

This is how he does it...

both legs



Dressed for Stampede!

My Aggie Aunt Andrea made this for Corbin!

crossed feet!


No more!!

The back!

Chasing Lucy's ball.

breaking into the buffet.

Eating something...probably off the floor.

Looks like plum??

Naked time! (At the window, of course.)

Baby bottom!

Uh, uh!! (up, up!)

Monday, July 22, 2013

Corbin 11 Months

9-12 month clothing

Have to put this out there... BEST month yet!!  This boy is a blast!

2 naps, and waking twice a night!  8pm - 8:30 am


You can eat just about anything!  What you actually eat just depends on what you are feeling at that moment.  (More on that in Personality).

Boy, you are on the go.  Quickly crawling everywhere and standing very well.  You are climbing on more random things.  I found you standing in Carter's PB chair and "spotted" you climbing it onto the window sill in the basement.  I have a feeling that was the start of things to come!

You like to play ball!  You get so excited when I roll the ball back to you and then you are so proud when you roll it back!

Your obsessed with reading The Big Red Ball and the Little White Kitten.  You make a little noise for any animal you this book really gets you going!

I'm going to go ahead and count this 6 week stretch of health as a milestone!  Amazing.  (Until your fever two nights ago...but it's technically your 12th month now.)

You can wave and love to do it!  So sweet!

You can wipe your own bottom.  (Just wondering if anyone reads these!)

You, my little man, are a very strong-willed and opinionated little 11 month old.  (I don't like the word sounds so negative and I really don't mean it that way).  How do you have an opinion about everything already?!  It's just crazy!

Example 1:  I may offer you your favorite food and you make a disgusted face and push it away.  Then five minutes later you crawl up to it going "uh uh" and you are ready to enjoy it.  Totally your terms.

Example 2:  I'll be holding you and Daddy walks in, you lunge toward him "uh uh."  He grabs you.  I reach for you and you push me away.  A few minutes later you squirm out of his hands and crawl up to me.  Really?  Opinionated.

Example 3:  Refusing to sit in your high chair at times but so easily to go at others.  Opinionated.

Example 4:  Getting upset every time I shut the doors to your bedroom.  You know what is coming...and have an opinion about it.  Seriously, how do you know fun stuff is happening outside of those doors?? Carter still believes everyone sleeps when he sleeps.

Example 5:  You will pull out all stops to NOT fall asleep. Throwing your pacifier to the floor.  Putting it in my mouth.  Eyes closing but then quickly decide to throw your head back to give you a burst of energy.  Strong-willed.

Example 6:  You may want something that isn't for babies (i.e.: alcoholic bottle, razors, popcorn) you will throw a fit become very upset and keep trying to find it, despite our efforts to hide it.  Strong-willed!

YOU CRACK US UP!!  Daily we ask "How do you have an opinion about this?!"  Honestly, this is so funny to us because Carter was so different.  I love it!

Y'all were playing all silly.  So I left to grab the camera.  Apparently, I shouldn't have left.  :(

While evacuated we stayed with some neighbors' family.  You two were all chill eating pizza and watching Thomas.  Corbs was pretty enthralled about being allowed in on the Thomas fun.

Zoned out, on the couch, eating pizza.  Like they are 13.

His usual.  Complete with massive soggy diaper. 

My buddy, my buddy.

A Texas boy and his truck.  Or Canadian and his truck?

Rice rice baby.


Sad face.  Aww, I love you man!


Monday, July 1, 2013

10 Months

I can hardly believe it's been 10 months since you've joined our family!  I can't even begin to tell you the wonderful, joyful, spunky blessing you are to us!  Your fiery personality brings so much fun and laughter to us daily!   

9-12 month clothing

You are on a roll these days!!
Corbin is in bed around 8pm and awakes at 8am.  He wakes twice to nurse.  He's on 2 naps around 10:30 and 3:00.

He's still nursing, usually just 3x during the day and twice at night.  3 real meals.  He seems to be handling dairy just fine!  Whoop!  His FAVORITE food is strawberries!

Corbin is super fast at crawling now!  He's on all fours and can pull up to standing so quick.  He's getting very sturdy.  We've even had a few standing seconds.  But they are so brief.  He loves climbing the stairs and we spend lots of time practicing every day!  When I tell him "Turn around"  to get him to go on his belly, feet first to go down safely he plops flat on his belly...I then have to swing his legs around.  

In came 5 more teeth this month.  5.  FIVE.  Whew!  You've finally caught a break in the sleep department after these bad boys arrived.  You may have a bit of separation anxiety right now.  While I was working out (in the same space as you) and another lady was holding you...FREAK OUT!  She got scared.  I was not allowed to put you down for the rest of the time. (Love you too.)

He is VERY obsessed with Carter's toothbrushes.  If we happen to see them he will scream so loud until I give it to him.  The other day I was brushing Carter's teeth and Corbin was screaming and crying in a way as if I was hurting his feelings by not sharing with him.  He was grabbing at it in hysterics.  Poor guy.  "WHY are you doing this to me MOM?!  You're being mean!!!"

You LOVE your Daddy!!  You love Mommy too but when Daddy walks in those doors, he better be ready for you to jump on his hip for the rest of the evening.  Until it's bedtime, of course, then you demand me.  You really know what and who you want, when you want them!  Very decisive, thank goodness, we need help in that area!

I think about writing this one down every month but forget....when I rock you for naps or night time you have a little routine of being so still then curling up into a ball.  The ball is not a really comfortable position for me to hold you, but I've gotten really good at it.  You are sitting on my left arm like a birdie on a perch and you curl your back and hide your head down toward my belly.  (Just like you were in my belly!!!)  I like to smell and kiss your head when you are like that.  You stay curled up for a bit then lay back flat.

Corbin, I never believed I could love you as much as I do.  It's crazy!  You are an amazing and super special piece to our family!  I love you Corbinelly!