Thursday, May 20, 2010

Pictures to go with Previous Post

BEWARE! Watch what can happen if you let a BIG, HUGE dog near a baby.

Family play time!! Big hugs for Lucy!!

Everyone look at the camera! Come on Carter, get with the program!

We are best friends...

and we love each other!

Lessons Learned

After living here for a year and a half I've learned quite a bit about the Chinese culture. Since Carter joined us...I've learned even more.

1. Chinese people LOVE babies! And especially foreign babies! Carter (and any foreign babies) is often surrounded by a crowd of people taking his picture.

2. They often comment on how "beautiful and big" his nose is. "Ummm....Thanks?!!???" (They are fascinated that the bridge is protruding at such a young age!) Ha ha.

3. I'm told daily (through body language) that he is too cold and I do not put enough clothes on him. (Horrible MOM!!!) Before you start judging me too, their babies are wearing long sleeves, sweater, pants, woolie hat, socks and slippers in 90 degree weather. Carter is in a summer outfit sans socks and shoes. I been instructed to smile and say "We do things differently."

4. We are also crazy because "no, our dog does not live in a cage now that we have a baby in the house." We have been recommended to get rid of Lucy now that we have Carter because a baby can't be around dogs. When I've asked why, they didn't know. I guess it has always just been that way. I get some wild stares and double-takes when Carter is in the Baby Bjorn and I'm walking Lucy. I'm sure we are a sight to see.

5. My Chinese teacher has taught me how to say "Please, do not touch the baby." It is their culture to touch babies...however, it is our culture to NOT touch the stranger's baby. I try to be super polite about it but it makes my stomach do flip-flops to have TONS of strangers groping him everyday. Sadly, it must be said.

As I'm typing this, Lucy is sleeping next to Carter's crib and I can see people in the office building across from us playing table tennis (9:30 pm). Gotta love it!!!!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

4 Months Old

This little man is now 4 months old and this has been the fasted month yet!

Carter can now roll over both ways (as of two weeks ago)! When you put his down on his back he instantly flips to his belly!

He has also been swimming two times now! He even, on his own, put his face in the water. John and I were so shocked/scared watching this happen. I was helping him float on his back and he was so relaxed. He slowly started dropping his head back. (I think he was loving how it felt.) Then he went all the way back to where his face was under! Little bubbles blew and he pulled his head out! He was a bit shocked but NO TEARS! It was so funny! I will get some pictures next time!

Another big change has been his sleeping habits. It in no way happened gradually. It was instantly, one night being awake past 6:30 or 7:30 was absolutely no fun. He was instantly fussy. Being the way that I am, I instantly started to research what could be wrong. I knew that he was too old for colic but this is what it seemed to be. I was wrong...just the new sleep schedule that starts at 4 months old. CRAZY! So he is sleeping 12-13 hours a night. Yes, he still gets up to eat twice. Once around 10ish and once around 3ish.

I've been a horrible blogger lately because we have been super busy. So I will leave you with a few pictures that are not on Facebook!

Just chillin in his stoller, slobbering away!

Hanging out with Daddy before bedtime!

And for the Grand Finale...........
Yes, I realize he looks RIDICULOUS! But I am a bit over protective about the sun in his eyes! UV protection all the way! Hopefully, there are more choices for baby sunglasses when we go the US!!!