Thursday, December 29, 2011

McCoy Christmas-Skiing

One of the days in Banff we got to brush up on our skiing ability.

Carter stayed behind to swim with Nana and Ba while the kiddos of all ages hit the slopes.

Everyone dressed...

smiles on....


and ready to ski!

Mind you it had been about 8 years since I had done this previously.  So that actually left me as the most refreshed skier.

Was I awesome?

In many ways, yes.



John was REALLY good.

And our marriage almost failed us as he took me down a Double Black....for the second time.
He was warned after the first time.
But somehow there we were on the same slope again. 
It was so steep I couldn't even turn.  I skied/slid down the entire mountain on one leg.
I was sore the next day.

I should have stuck with Shae!
We had a blast together!  
She and (her) John were much smarter and found a way off the Black on the FIRST run!!
Me and (my) John?  We somehow managed to complete it twice.
Mind you there were about one hundred 7 Year Olds skiing so fast, with their poles held out horizontally in front of their bodies, whizzing next to us/me.
Again, I was cursing under my breath and sliding down on one side.

Aww, but when you are's fun no matter what!
Really, it was a blast, once I realized I was going to live through skiing with my husband!!
What an awesome day!!!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

McCoy Christmas-Banff

One of the greatest things about living in Calgary (although there are many, we are so lucky) is Banff!

Have you heard of it?

If not, google it now.

It's beautiful and an hour away!

Road Trip!!

Sleeping in the car is not allowed in our family...but exceptions are made.
So sweet!  Sleepy face!!

I kind of wanted to climb back there and smooch him.  But that might have killed the moment.

Banff TIME!

Segovia's in the mountains!  Seriously, isn't this beautiful??


Look at my husband, what is wrong with this picture??
I'll tell you.
He's crazy and tries to NOT wear his winter coat as often as possible.
I have to remind him, we're Texan.  If Canadians are wearing them, it should be a no brainer.

We took a gondola to the top for some snowy views!

Houston is Calgary's US sister city!  So close, yet so far away!

Shae shae with her crazy brother!
I'm pretty sure he was frozen at this point.

The girls gearing up for ice skating!!
Helmets on!!

Baba and Nana ready for Sleigh Rides!
It got even colder as the sun went down....around 4:00pm.

Okay, this picture is just amazing.  
A. Uncle John's wooly beard is probably the coolest thing to come from ETSY.
B. How cute is Ella in her cat hat?

Monday, December 26, 2011

McCoy Christmas-Segovia's Arrive!

The Segovia's, (John's sister), Aunt Shae, Uncle John, Alexa and Ella arrived from Texas!

This was such an awesome time together!  Carter still talks about them!

We took a walk to the Bow River...about a block from our house!
The girls!
Aunt Shae, Alexa, me, Ella...and Lucy!

So sweet!

Alexa, Ella and Uncle John walked down to the frozen river to skip rocks/throw them on ice.

Daddy's girls!

I love this picture with the city in the background!

Nothing like a little snowball fight!!!

Pizza Bob's for dinner!

Not the fanciest place, but they have great pizza!!


Shae and Nana!

Cousins and Aunties!

Onry boy!!!  Seriously, look at that face.  Honestly, he was trying to bite (lovingly, of course) Nana's nose.  This was quite the game.

Tomorrow Banff!!!  I can't wait!!!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

McCoy Christmas-Christmas Day

Christmas morning was so much fun!  Carter was so excited about Santa and calmly overwhelmed by the gifts.

Santa left the living room, like this...

And after Carter got his beauty sleep we all headed down.
He was the last one up!


Where to begin?

Must try out the sled!

And the chair!

Looking for Santa and his reindeer.

Gotta try this thing!

And we open.

He didn't get very far.  Gift #2 had to be played with immediately.

So then we ate.  Ha!

Back to work!

McCoy Family-Canadian Chapter!

McCoy Family-DFW Chapter!

Lots of paper!

Now time to work in the snow!!

Carter LOVED his sled!

It's great!  You can just drag him all over the neighborhood!

Then onto the ice!  His first attempt!

This red thing is a ice skating trainer.  It helps you stand on the ice and you push it along.

Merry Christmas!  The Segovia's (John's sister's family) joins tomorrow!!