Wednesday, April 3, 2013

3 Years Old

Our computer was crashed when he turned 3 but I couldn't let something so important go without being noticed!!


Who knew on the day you were born on that exciting Monday near Xin Tian Di that I could love you waaaay more 3 years later?  Some days you are so big to me and some days you are still so little.

The other day you were following a group of 7-8 year olds around the playground saying "I'm a big boy."  They were laughing and trying to get away from you.  And I couldn't stop laughing to myself.  You want to be big so bad and I want you to slow down because you are getting there fast enough.

You are very funny these days!  And constantly shocking us with the random things you say.

Like when we saw Daddy's work bag by the door I thought he was already home from his trip to Ft. McMurray. You said "No mom.  I think he had to bring a suitcase to Ft. McMurray and didn't need his work bag."  I'm sure if I reread this in a few years that message will see insignificant.  But Daddy and I were blown away at all of the missing pieces you put together in your mind to come up with such a conclusion.  And it turns out that you were right!  Smarty pants!

Another fun one was..

"When I'm a daddy and a pizza man, I'm going to know how to make all the food and the drinks!"  

You like to talk about the things you will do when you are big, like Daddy.

You are so social right now!  You LOVE your friends.  Your best friends are Lucas, Heath, Yianni, Charlie, Harry, Milli, Alex, Elladee and Evan. 

You have gotten pretty good at sharing and taking turns.

You give the best kisses!  But like to "wipe them off!"  STINKER!

You LOVE "chocolate eggs."  
(The Kinder Surprise with a little toy inside.)

You still love to play Diggers and Dumpers
 both outside and in your sensory table.  And you climb and jump off the highest points on the playground that other parents are so worried.  I'm used to it but know broken bones are in our future.

You like to watch Bob the Builder or Elmo 
while Mommy is putting Corbin down for a nap.  You loudly (and proudly) sing all the words to Bob's opening song (wrong words and off beat)!  We love it!

The men in your life are heros in your eyes.

As they should be.

You know that you live in "Canda" but were born in "China" and that your whole family and family friends live in "Texas."  BUT you seem to have lots of crazy (made up) memories from "Thaiwand."

Every airplane is flying to Texas to see Nana & Ba or Grammy & Papa.

Your imaginations is on fire at the moment!  Everything can say "HI mom!"  in a silly voice (so I know it's not you talking).  Things like, forks, shoes, your hands, feet, hairbrushes...etc.

We can get you to do almost anything if we make up a pretend game or story around it.

Gee Dots Gee (Blue dots blanket) and Brown Dots Gee (Brown dots blanket) are officially your lovies.  You drag them down the stairs with you every morning and we have to search the entire house for them before you are back to bed.  You even say cute things like "I wuv you Gee Dots Gee.  You are the coziest gee in the whole wide world."  (Before you could say "blanket" you used the word's stuck for these two special blankets.)  Sometime these two Gees talk too.

You still make my tummy have butterflies when I reflect on our day...everyday.  I love you more than I ever thought possible.  Thank you for the best 3 years of my life!

I love you Carter Bear!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Life in Pictures!

Life at home with my two boys can be lots of things:

Hard work?  At times.

Crazy?  Yes.

Awesome?  All the time!

Here are some recent random photos.

Come on! Really doesn't get better than this.

Yay!!  We're all at the table!  
Dream come true.  This picture makes me so giddy,  I'm pathetic.



Kate lovin.
P.S.  Her parents are named Sarah and Johnny.  True story.

He was obsessed with Hot Cross Buns for a whole day.

So we HAD to make this box.

And some buns...that were more like scones.
Of course they ended up with candles in them and we had to sing 
"Happy Birthday."

Love love!!!

Sleeping in his own room!
(Much easer after 1st scary night.)

My little skier!!

Life is Good!!!