Saturday, April 28, 2012

Papa, Buddha, Baby Buddha

Just a little preview for ya!

Another ancient post slipped in where it belongs...back in July 2010.  

Again, I'm pathetic, I know.

Friday, April 27, 2012

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Christmas Eve

Yes, it's late.  But these big events overwhelm me.  So I'm blogging about them when I can!

I'm pathetic! I know!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Bike Accident

Picture to go with previous post.

This was after he tee teed on his bike.  He walked like this the whole way home.

Poor buddy.
But it was really funny.
I'm mean.

P.S.  He saw the picture up on the computer and said "NO No, Caga no see Caga."
Which translates to "No, no.  Carter doesn't want to see Carter (in that way.)  
Poor guy.
Again, I'm mean, because I posted it on Facebook too.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Put this in Writing...Potty Training

There seem to be so many crazy phases in parenting that you think to yourself "I'll never forget what I've learn through this..."

And then you do.

Two instances recently, I found myself clueless as to how I survived and battled through two huge seasons of Carter's little life.

First, my best friend, Elisha had her sweet baby girl Eden a tad early!  Just the perfect timing that I actually got to meet Eden on my visit to Texas!  While visiting, Elisha was asking normal nursing questions.  And I ONLY breastfed Carter for about 20 months.  It was 75% of his life!!  Yet, I felt clueless trying to remember all about it!

The next instance was in the grocery store yesterday.  I kept running into another mom.  Her daughter was about to turn one and was well into the solid foods.  Yet, the were hitting the first (of many, I'm sure) little strange eating phases.  She was asking me what I fed Carter at that age.  I really did feed him.  Hmmm.

I hadn't even realized how rusty I was on these topics.  I'm so consumed with my child's potty habits and keeping him from biting other people's children. (Ahh...such fun phases to add to the parenting education.)

SO...I'm going to put this in writing.

We've hit another accident phase.  So far, it's been about a week.

You may have seen my recent FB status:

Warning Calgarians, you may want to avoid the Farmer's Market playground for a seems that a little boy with red hair tee teed from the bridge onto the baby playland (which included several babies and one mother). I wonder what kind of parents that boy has? 

It's been a blast.

While that was the highlight here are a few more to add to the list:

  • Pooping, while running naked, in my brother and sister-in-law's house.
  • Tee tee on a babyless exersaucer.  Very intentionally. (Right after the poop above.)
  • Pee on the playground of my mom's school.
  • Pee while riding his bike.
  • Pee in our home (3x) where potties are readily available.

I've got several theories on what could be going on.  (That is what I do...sorry.)

1. Travel?  The phase began in Texas and has continued until at least yesterday.  Are we done?? The afternoon will tell.

2.  Reaching a new Milestone in Potty Training?  About when the accidents started he also started refusing John and my potty breaks in the middle of the night.  We just knew he was going to wet the bed.  But alas, he's been dry.  A whole 12-13 hours!!  Many nights now!  Is sleeping through the night in our near future again???

3. Playing/Distraction?  SOME of the daytime accidents seem to be while he is distracted and hard at play.  Maybe he doesn't want to stop?

4. Or is it trying to learn what Mommy meant when she said "It's okay for boys to go tee tee in the grass sometimes?"  Four accidents off the top of my head have been followed up with him saying "Caga sss ssss grass."  Translation: "Carter tee tee in grass."  Mind you, sometimes he pulls his pants off and sometimes he keeps them on.   AND sometimes it's on the playground of your mother's school and sometimes it's on your back alley where there happens to be some weeds growing through a crack.

Or is is a combo of all four?  I'm sure I'll never know.

The trials of parenthood can seem overwhelming at times.  Luckily, looking back, you realize how small they are.