Monday, February 3, 2014

TX-Photo Dump 3

Living at the Children's Museum!! 

I went out for breakfast with some girlfriends and babies!

Corbin made his way to the dessert counter and begged for some fruit with the BEST cream on top.

I couldn't refuse!

He loved it!

Back at the Children's Museum.  For the millionth time!!

More swim lessons!

Coach Maddie!

Swim Float Swim Graduate Celebration!

He has to bring the Robin around with him, I have to snap pictures!  He will be VIP in his class next week!

Adopt a Pet outside of the grocery store!  This animal lover was in HEAVEN.

I almost got him one more dog!!  WHAT??  ;)

Mullet trim.

Hated it.  (in Homey the Clown voice)

But mullet is gone.

Carter made this Dragon at school for Chinese New Year!

How cool is this?

Side view!

Back view!

Impressive.  He NEVER participates in art at school in the Big C.

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